"Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy."     Norman Vincent Peale 

WELCOME to Coaching by Shelia 


 Hi, I'm Shelia Barnett.  Welcome! I typically work with women in STEM and other professional careers who love their job, want to succeed, but face challenges being a woman in a male dominated field. Take heart gentlemen, I coach men as well and young adults. 

What makes me uniquely qualified? I am an engineer that has worked successfully in this environment for 24+ years.  I have lived these struggles, didn't have a coach available to work with that could begin to understand my struggles, and worked through most issues the hard way. Also, other women in my situation were fighting their own battles and I often remarked that we should be lifting each other up but who had time, right?  Work all day, then go home, cook, clean, take care of kids, check homework, laundry, feed the dog ... then repeat the next day. Most of us had, in fact, two full-time jobs.

It pains me to see capable women leave careers they LOVE because of

  • No one to hold them up when they need it the most
  • Little to no support at home
  • Guilt induced by societal norms to include well meaning family members
  • Male executives that continue to silence women's voices 
  • Men being promoted based on potential rather than past accomplishments.

I have watched from a front row seat the struggles we women face. Some left a career they loved to be home with their kids. Not because they wanted to but because they had no support at home or felt guilt. Others were tired of the constant fight to be heard.  Even more disheartening, to make it to middle management and never go any further.  

I am here to tell you, you can have it all.  Will it be easy? Perhaps.  Is it worth it?  Absolutely!  

Although the mountain has been steep at times, when I look back over my accomplishments I experience a sense of satisfaction like no other. Did I work while having and raising my kids? Yes, I did. Did I feel guilt? Oh yeah, you betcha! Did I have help at home? No, not really. Did I get tired of the same old crap? Oh, Hell yeah! Did I feel like giving up? More than once -- but now I am so grateful I didn't.  My boys have grown into smart, independent, talented young men who are proud of me and my accomplishments even though they don't tell me so.  I hear it when they tell their friends what I do and where I've worked.  

Also, AND this is GREAT news, there is mounting evidence of advantages for children of working mothers.  The studies show economic, educational, and social benefits for children of both sexes!

If you are ready to take the challenge of working through your struggles and tapping into your inner strengths, I'm here to help. I take a unique coaching approach where you are in the drivers seat while I help you navigate by teaching you processes you can use to grow into your true potential.

If you would like to have a chat, schedule a complementary session.  Contacting me in no way obligates you to commit to coaching!   

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Client Testimonials


Selena T., Project Lead

Without realizing it, I had stepped into a vicious cycle and allowed my fears to keep me trapped in a situation that no longer served me.  Thank you for helping me identify why I was unwilling to take the risks needed to grow!  I strongly believe the skills you taught me resulted in the two promotions I've received since!  I can't thank you enough!!!!