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Shelia Barnett, Transformational Coach 

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."     Judy Garland 


Hi, I'm Shelia Barnett, my path to becoming an engineer and coach did not become clear to me until much later in life. In fact, I was almost 30 when I decided to go back to school in engineering. Talk about intimidated!  I had gone through high school in the vocational training program because the guidance counselor we had at the time put me there.  I was training to be a secretary because he decided that was my destiny.  When I graduated, I decided to go to college despite not having the college prep courses. Oh! And even though I wasn't happy about it, at the time I didn't speak up either.

You see, I grew up in a home of mixed messages. My father encouraged getting a college education. My mother, aunts, grandmothers ... I think you get the picture ... ALL were telling me that my place was in the home, having babies, and taking care of my man (no offense guys, it’s just not me).  Well, I decided there was no way I was doing that unless it was something I wanted.  I valued my dad's opinion more and his words "Get a college education and be able to take care of yourself" played in my head over and over. I was going to college. However, I had NO clue what I wanted to do and I wound up with an Associates degree in business before I married my husband.

I actually worked as a secretary for years afterword (ironic I know), but quickly decided I needed to do something else even though I was really good secretary. After a lot of soul searching and being exposed to engineering through my husband (he’s an electrical engineer). I was drawn to engineering.

I’d never considered engineering before then, but now as I look back, I believe it was meant to be.  I am the oldest of four, ALL girls!  I helped my father with everything around the farm.  I learned to fence, to care for livestock, to build things, and to come up with solutions with minimal resources available. My dad and I worked as a team, brainstorming, and coming up with solutions. We didn’t have much money, so made “lemonade” from lemons most of the time.  I loved it!  I learned a ton of life skills from my dad, but I also learned to cook, preserve food, sew, and make soaps (the women in my life made sure of that). 

But more importantly, I’ve always had an uncanny knack for knowing what people need and have spent my entire life coaching or mentoring men and women in one capacity or another.

So, what lights me up about this work is knowing that my story resonates with you and I'm able to connect and impact your life in a positive way.  I LOVE helping you develop systems and process that work for you and your situation. I especially enjoy sharing in your WINS! My awesome clients are like my family!

What sets me apart from other service providers is my unique background, my work, and personal experience as a STEM professional. I have lived the guilt of LOVING my work and not being home with my kids. I have experienced the heartache and humiliation of promotions being offered to less experienced candidates because of who they knew not what they knew. Most importantly I learned how to trust myself, trust my instincts, learn to love and forgive myself, and that I had a passion for helping others.

You can feel confident engaging me to guide you to solve these problems and more.  Over the years, my expertise has been honored with remarkable and notable accolades, including obtaining a bachelor and master degree in Industrial Engineering (in my 30's), teaching academia for ten years as an Industrial Engineering professor, working with some of the finest men and women in our military, winning achievement awards for a job well done, and delighting audiences of every size with my insight and humor. 

It would be my pleasure to guide you on your journey to achieving the results you desire or the life you imagine in our sessions together.  Let's continue the conversation in the manner that suits you the best.

All the best,



Five things about me and my experience that might surprise and delight you -- while working together I would enjoy learning more about you and your experience too.

1.  I make my own organic soap.

2.  I LOVE to garden and preserve our families food as much as possible.

3.  I volunteer with a local food coop to bring fruits and vegetables to families that might not otherwise be able to afford them.

4.  My secret wish is to have a mini-farm and return to my "roots," so to speak.

5.  I love designing container homes and hope to build one on that mini-farm I just mentioned.



Special Introductory Offer:  If you haven't downloaded the free mini-course on the Welcome page, please do.  It will help you assess how you approach risks. 

NOTE:  The benefits of career coaching are the one-on-one attention, personal accountability for development, clarity and self-awareness gained, and just-in-time learning.  Also, studies show career coaches help improve productivity, increase self-confidence, and provide an objective outside perspective on personal challenges (ICF Web, 2016).


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